FRIENDS (when your friends with her)…

You know how you think someone is very special to you and you are to them, well that’s how I felt about her. I felt I was closer than her brother, you tell her everything and you feel she tells you everything, I felt I mattered to her, well we all have that friend that we aren’t dating but think we are really close to, or so we think.

Well I learnt, it’s not always so, sometimes we love too much, sometimes we give way too much and we feel that special person is doing the same and they aren’t, to them we are just a normal buddy.

Finally we find out and we are hurt, depressed, feel betrayed and cheated, friendship could be deep.

So here’s my advice, define your friendship, don’t sell yourself short, don’t take less than you deserve and be responsible for friend. If your going to be a friend please go ahead and be the best friend the world has ever seen, remember we are not looking for perfect people but perfect efforts.

This one goes to a pirate friend of mine.


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