of monsters and of men

Every once in a while, i take a look at myself and ask questions like, if people saw every part of me(the dark ugly parts) would i still have friends ? would i still have family ?.

These feelings could get so made that one could feel hid the worst in the world, a monster. for me sometimes i tend to allow a few people, not all just a few to see this part of me and see what happens, most times i get the “geez your a monster ” treatment.

But when I get this feeling i remember am a work a progress (towards perfection). I remember i could be better, i remember i could do better, i remember that even if once in a while we could turn to monsters we are still men.

so for everyone out there trying to get rid of the monster part of them, keep trying, keep fighting, as much as you think your a monster your also a man, a god.


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