kill greed, saves alot ….. one way not to be a victim of yahoo yahoo.

In Nigeria, we have managed to become experts in the subject of advanced fee fraud (or yahoo yahoo), this is where young stars try to scam people mostly by promising them greener pastures.

i have received my fair share of these mails, and has fallen victim to one (or around someone whole fell victim and couldn’t stop it).

But i remember this one time i got this mail promising me millions of Naira just to help them move money or keep money safe or something. I remember reading it, thinking about the money, asking if i really needed money and finally why would someone want to give a total stranger that much for nothing.

So i replied, and said i wont mind helping but i said the could keep their money, while that was the last i heard from them.

Scammers capitalize on a lot of things but one principle one is greed, so kill your greed today and save yourself from harm. Enjoy and desire to go through the process of making money.


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