Lessons from the devil

Growing up as a christian child, I was always told bible stories, and God always defeated the devil and I would most times hope the devil would just give up, and apologies to God cause he never stood a chance.

I think after one has been beaten so many times by one person he should give up, the devil has, he knows he can’t defeat God yet he won’t give up.

He keeps on trying even when he knows he would fail, he knows so of us won’t give up or faith yet he would keep trying to make us, he know some of us won’t die young, yet he keeps trying.

Those these are the lessons I have learnt of time ;
If you keep trying ( even if ur failing u would become better and smarter) .
If the devil doesn’t quit, you also should keep trying to become better (draw closer to God).
And finally, it doesn’t matter how many times one is defeated, you can still try again.

Enjoy your weekend.


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