who am I? you must be somebody….


after the storm comes shore, you can make it.
after the storm comes shore, you can make it.

sometimes we take a good look at our lives and hate it, break into tears,all cause of our experiences; we’ve been raped, molested, cheated,hurt, abandoned, hell you have lost every member of your family, lost all your friends, no body wants you, your finances are a mess, seems like that drinking problem wont end, seems like you want say no to porn, cant seem to shake off lying and other stuffs the world doesn’t know about. Today am not gonna tell you how to get off this pain and thorns, cause i have stuffs of my own am dealing with, i got junk in my own trunk, just stick with God and you would be fine, He(GOD) seems to have everything figured out.

i would just like to drop two thoughts; first you must be someone for the devil to trouble you this much, to come at you with all he’s got, to put one your things that a group of people wont be able to stand or handle, things that if other folks experienced half of they would have killed themselves.
Secondly, you’re still here, you’re dealing with it all and still alive, you cant tell anyone about your problems but you still manage to wear a smile, you having crisis at work yet you still come home with a smile, you have conflict on the inside, scared to death, but your still standing.
you might be alone right now, but don’t quit, don’t snap, don’t die.
you might hurt yourself, but don’t kill yourself.
if you make it through the storm the devil is gonna want a deal.

its time you find out who you really are.

#Jesus#Dr.IsaacOyebamiji#TDJ#PastorBolajiOloyede#C.O.M. Convetion2015
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