Lessons From The Crept

So here’s the thing about life, it’s constantly teaching us lessons, but if we would pay close attention to death we would learn a couple of stuffs to.

Today would like to point out a couple of lessons from M.J. Hope he doesn’t mind. For those of u who might have forgotten is M.J. Was a fabulous African Musician, Dancer, and song writer, he had more grammys at the time of his death than the continent of Africa put together, he was, he is the king of Pop.
One of the first musicians I could remember listening to and dancing to on mama’s black and white TV while mama watched.
My thoughts;

– Just because your good and kind doesn’t mean people won’t hurt you.
– just because your nice and caring doesn’t mean people won’t say crazy stuff about you.
– just because am rich and famous doesn’t mean I want my problems to be to.
– sometimes the price for fame is scary.
– Money and fame won’t keep you around for long.

– Just because people say crap about you doesn’t mean you should stop being cool and nice.
– Your family members are gonna sell your stuff when your gone.

– You’ve got to teach your kids to take care of themselves cause when you’re gone they might not have people to take care of them.
– Just because your nice to other people’s kids doesn’t mean other people would be nice to your kids when your gone.

Miss the smooth criminal. #RespectMan#Peace#TwoFingersInTheAir


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