God wants you to let go of men and hold on to Him.

Growing up, i was one of those kids that had a cool childhood, mama got me practically everything i wanted and needed (including some home made beating when needed ), so i was never really familiar with disappoints or not having stuffs i need.

sometimes what this does for us is that as much as it teaches us to have total faith, our faith begins to rest on men, and i have come to discover that men would fail not because they want to, but because the are men, they have to.
As I grew up i had so much faith in family and while that was cool, it didn’t really allow me exercise my faith in God, so my faith and dependency on God didn’t grow.
Now what God did for me is He put me in situations where only Him could help me, and while at that time i didn’t enjoy it (i hate not being able to do anything), am still learning to go through it and what this is doing for me is helping me let go of men and hold on to God. Am beginning to have needs that only God can meet (or cause a man to meet).

So let go of men and hold on to God, it’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it.

Wale Adenuga puts it this way in a song;

even when it was so hard to move on, everybody around me wouldn’t help, thou they promise but they wouldn’t meet up, even then they had their own secret pains, but i will no longer trust in any man cause thou they try but they still fail, i am encouraged no hope is lost let me tell you why; i have a father that will never ever fail me.



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