Don’t get married, if it’s just for sex. #Lets kill divorse before it starts

I want to start by saying, I haven’t been married or divorced before, and I might say some wrong things (my editor is currently unavailable) I hope I don’t but all my posts are open to corrections and criticisms, I still have a lot to learn. But am gonna go ahead and share my thoughts.

After you have dated someone for a while it’s normal for sex to come up (or maybe you are not normal) and if you’re a christian (I believe non believers read the dutchman, I pray u find Christ), you don’t want to have sex before marriage and it’s not necessarily because your scared of hurting God but because of the guilt.

And maybe eventually you have sex, and there is the guilt, but you realise that you want it again so you get married so you can have free, legal sex anytime.
So marriage becomes the solution for the guilt.

So now you can have you sex anytime anywhere, but I think while we think we have managed to beat the devil, actually what happened was that he let us win the battle so he could win the war.

What’s the dutchman saying?
In the bid to avoid adultery we get married, we beat sin. But most of these marriages end up in divorce, separation and constant cheating. Now what does this mean, eventually we would might end up committing the same sexual sin we were running from and we would get hurt and broken cause of separation from our spouse and if you don’t have a good pastor or you have one and don’t listen to him, you might end up having a messed up life.

So I guess what am trying to say is don’t get married because you wanna have sex only, cause what happens when you’ve had enough? But don’t have sex with everybody because u don’t want to be married to the wrong person.
Am still trying to wrap my head about this, just thought about it this morning, I would really love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Don’t get married, if it’s just for sex. #Lets kill divorse before it starts

  1. the post says , “don’t get married because you want to have sex only “. so therefore wanting to have sex with a girl should also be a reason for wanting to marry her


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