A poem – Pain

A friend of mine recently challenged me to do something for the first time, so I decided to write a poem.


I a modern term, I would introduce her as that person we all most have an affair with.
She isn’t seductive or appealing yet she finds her way into our lives.
She’s always there at the beginning of our life and the end but for some unfortunate fellows, she’s that mistress you never leave.

Pain she’s familiar with every sex, class, race and age.
We might never be able to describe her to the next fellow, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know her well.
Her visits are sometimes short, other times long.

Pain, she’s a mystery, cause sometimes she comes before abundant joy, other times she makes us stronger, sometimes she makes us better but often she makes us bitter.
You haven’t truly lived until you have had intercourse with her pain.

It’s alright to feel pain, but don’t let it be the only thing you feel for a long time.


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