LET’s Cure The Morning Illness 

As an intern I have to wake up early on Monday mornings which have not had to do in a long time and have to work all week so I treasure my week ends and hate going back to work on Mondays. 

Now what these does is it reduces your productivity in the first few hours of the morning and makes you not enjoy work. This also reduces ones performance at the job as he’s always looking forward to the weekend.

So here are a couple of things I think one should do at the beginning of the week:
– look forward to those little things you like; the coffee, lunch (free lunch), your friends, your crush, your cool chair, the Internet. Those little things could get you a bit excited. 

       plan to do a good job at work and look forward to the satisfaction that comes from having done a great job, the commendation from you boss or co workers, the thanks from the people you helped. 

    look forward that being part of something, making a difference and the fact that people out there need you and things might not turn out well if your not around, that your irresistible and really needed and if you think your job is the worst, keep thinking of ways to make it better, improving your job and service and try it out.

Thank you very much


One thought on “LET’s Cure The Morning Illness 

  1. I leave in a place where rain falls a lot especially during spring and this sometimes lead to flood…so during the semester I always hope for rain so i don’t have to go to school…sounds awful, I know…but now things are about to change…i am going to learn to look forward to making a difference…thanks for sharing.


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