Am gonna die, you will to.


I have been doing some thinking, and you know how when you birthday is coming up, and everyone prays ones prayer for you,is LONG life, but with every year actually your life is getting shorter, and one day you’re going to die, and i am going to die of course,but definitely not today and not tomorrow cause i have plans.

But dying is not the problem, its a fate we all face, it’s the regrets we have after we die (oh yes there is an after life ). So lets try and make sure we don’t have those regrets,

let me take a little detour i want to be a billionaire sometimes i think it’s because i want fast car, supersonic jets, exotic houses, custom made suits, phones and laptops “buy all the things i never had”, but really when i really think about it i want so much money because of the people i love, i want to be able to spoil them silly, spend time with them when ever they what, where ever they want, help people and serve God. Sad news is am not a billionaire yet and am not even close, not even had my first plane ride but time is not waiting for me and my appointment with death is getting close.

So here is what am going to do, and i think you to should do, you might not have enough money to send mummy to Dubai but you can give her a call, spend that time with the people you love, tell them how much you love them, do the little u can, put a smile on your face. If we can’t do the big things lets do the little ones.

Lets remember one day death is gonna show up, that day i want to be able to look him in the face and smile and say come on, am ready, i beat you.


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