One small cup of ice cream

One small cup of ice cream – It was sometime during the holidays (Christmas to be precise, I was home from school and really crazy about her, I wanted to spend most of my time with her and give her everything I got, well you know the thing about life, it doesn’t always give you what you want. I went to the ice cream store, to get a small cup for her ( couldn’t afford much anyway), dashed off to her place like a knight in shinning armour, not minding the distance, the seas and forest I had to go through. I finally got to her castle and she had gone away with a more noble knight, one that could afford to take her where she wanted. I didn’t turn back and go home, had learnt that it’s important one finishes what he starts. So I dropped my small cup of ice cream and left. She got back found it and everyone had their fun out of it, what a small piece, let’s go pour it on him, but they came up with a better plan, the bought me a bigger piece. Well I and my bro did get the piece and drank happily (of course I didn’t know it was a joke on me till much later. So here’s my advice; if your in love strive for greatness so when you decide to buy the little stuff, it would be so both of you could have fun and not you being made fun of and if she didn’t want the small stuff make sure you stay rich. I hope there are still girls out there who want the small stuffs. Thank you


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