This Gay folks are really smart.

This GAY folks are really smart.

I have been around for sometime now, and have been a Christian for close to half of that time, but i have never really seen any one or group treat their judgment like the gay folks, and am not just talking about what the have said or done
am talking about the gay flag, yes the flag, smartest thing the gay folks ever did. Whoever came up with that idea is not only smart but cunning.

I think that the fellow (the one that created the flag), might be good student of the bible, now i know there are some who would say there is a different reason for the rainbow flag, but i think mine might make more sense. Now this gay folks have been around for a while, in fact God had destroyed the world before cause of these acts (acts that the rainbow flag defend
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), and scripture tells us he spared Noah and after that Noah made God this cool offering
and God was like ok am never gonna destroy the world again like this. So when u raise your gay flag your saying, God i know there
might not be a rainbow up in the sky now so please see mine and don’t destroy this world because of us. This shows that the great
(or greatest) gay thinkers understand that the are making God angry, which was cool, till they wanted to strong arm God.

So wave your gay flag, you asked us not to judge you, I wont, in fact, am gonna love you.
But do you think it’s worth destroying the human race for again.


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