Lipstick scandal

Good morning, hope you had a great night.
I came off the elevator yesterday and there she was, her smile was like the radiance of the morning sun, she was looking irresistible, she hugged me and it felt cool and was glad I came to work, then she stepped back and went oops I stained your shirt. Her staining my shirt wasn’t her fault as am quite tall, I smiled and said no worries.

I continued my walk to my office and started thinking, what if she didn’t tell me she stained my shirt, what if I have a wife. I would have gone home and gotten into trouble, I guess the point am trying to make is simply lipstick on his shirt doesn’t mean he’s cheating.
Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Lipstick scandal

      1. Perhaps. I just don’t think any of my partners from the past would appreciate me being that honest! (So maybe it’s a good thing they’re in the past!)


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