Don’t ask for directions, If you know where your going.


I had to go run some errands for my boss this morning, when i got to the security check i did what i was use to doing, i asked for directions. Now my boss had already given me specific directions and told me what to do, but just to be sure and safe, i asked, and i was pointed to a different direction and i headed that way.

I spent sometime in the wrong direction, then i realized i had directions of my own, so i went back and followed them, in no time i was there and did what i wanted and left. But then this left me thinking, how sometimes, most times in life, we know where we are headed but we get to particular junction and ask the people there to point us in the right direction. I would just like to drop a couple of thoughts about this;

  1. Just because they were there before you, does not mean they know the next step.

  2. Sometimes being to sure could end up being wrong.

  3. If you need directions you could get more than one opinion.

  4. Sometimes sticking to you own map could get you to your destination quicker.


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