The Crumb mindset.

crumb scrum

I was thinking about Ruth (the wife of Boaz from the bible), and I realized a lot of us have what I would like to call a crumb mindset, now crumb here is not limited to just food, but any type of left over or hand outs and hand downs. Here are a couple of things the crumb mindset can do to you;

  1. I makes you depend on people or someone for everything.

  2. You have a crumb mindset when someone’s left over is always your main dish.

3.  You have a crumb mindset if the only work you do, is to pick up crumbs.

Now a crumb mindset is not very bad if you’re a baby or just starting out in life. However staying with it will keep you small for life not just materially but also mentally. We find it easy stay stuck to this mindset cause it saves us the stress of hard work,having to brain storming, bearing risks and being responsible. But the side effect of this mind set include;

1.You become totally dependent on the person who has the whole loaf.

  1. You can’t grow bigger than the one who drops the crumb .

  2. What happens the day, he decides to leave no crumbs.

I still have some crumb mentality in me, am going to try and let go of it, think about it, and let go if you have to.


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