The Virtue of Niceness

In Life, the simple things are most times are overlooked, mainly because, well, they are “simple”. So also is the virtue of niceness. Well, I admit the English Construct doesn’t seem so catchy but the idea and practice is one that resonates an effect far beyond the mighty feats of a philanthropist. The truth is, a philanthropist can’t be philanthropic everyday. There are those days which he/she would decide to just spend his money on himself/herself and to be frank one cannot blame the philanthropist for doing that because in theory and in practice, the money belongs to them and they can spend however they like.

In contrast, being nice transcends all days, events or televised and socialized settings, it goes beyond the allure of attracting fame or popularity. As a matter of fact, it is hardly recognized as a “virtue”, ah no, not where the more “superior” virtues of honesty, bravery, faith and patience are listed. Although, it is the cheapest, most multi-faceted, easily accessible virtue the human spirit can recognize and reciprocate. The power of being nice cannot be overstated, as one small simple act of kindness can be rewarded through time and resonate into eternity. Being-NiceDo you remember the Good Samaritan? Abigail when she fed David and stopped him from committing murder? Abraham when he invited the three strangers in for a meal?  Those simple acts of “niceness” have engraved their names into the Wall of Fame for Nice People.  Haha. Just joking, but I’m hoping you get the point.  However, if you are still wondering how to be nice, here are a few ways;

  1. Give a hug

  2. Listen without talking

  3. A smile (can change the world!)

  4. A warm handshake

  5. A genuine word of encouragement

Those are just a few, and as you might have noticed, they would cost you nothing.

So be nice to someone today. And everyday.


Written by Oz.

Plug-time: Check out his blog today Oz’s Views From The Eagles’ Nest for more inspirational and “outspirational” posts.



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