You not even going to fight for it.

408_1ShuHui_Yang_Photo_Fight_with_yourself_3Growing up, i wasn’t much of a fighter, maybe this was because i got beaten must of the time, but the bottom line is i didn’t like to fight. Am not very old right now, but i have been around for a while and i feel the easiest kind of fights are the physical fights.

 A lot of us would prefer to give up, than to fight for something if we think we are gonna lose, so we give up easy. I have realized that some of those very physical fighters i grew up with, ended up when real life situations that really needed fighting for came up. I have had a fair share of fights (emotional, psychological, and physical), and one thing I have learn’t is that you might lose some, but get up the next day and fight again. So let’s get back to life and fight for the things we perceive to be ours.


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