So I failed at dating . . .

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been battling with whether to start some new categories, Dating and How To Rub A Bank, but I have not been able to start cause am not yet an expert at these two things, dating cause i failed at it and security cause am still an undergraduate, but I have not been able to get it out of my mind, so i think am gonna start with dating, and tell you how I failed and maybe how to do it better.

It’s the norm that your dating was a success when you marry the person you date, but this might be wrong, first am gonna quote someone i respect,then tell a bit of me, i hope after that you would love dating more. So a wise man once told me he dated quite a number of ladies before getting married but when he finally did, all his dating experiences (with previous dates) helped him treat his wife better. I had my own experience which would come up often in this category, but it has helped me treating and understanding ladies better.

Dating is a process and processes are also about learning, so when you approach your dating life, do it with an open mind to learn. Trying to understand people could be very difficult and frustrating because the have the liberty to change at will or due to experiences, also so bare in mind that your priority should not be to learn these lessons so you could use in you next relationship, but so you could make your present one better, however if you present one doesn’t work out, feel free to use your lessons on the next.

Here are a couple of dating thoughts for those who are dating, about to start or taking a break.

  1. Date someone your friends with, friendship is very important in dating, it helps in communication and understanding.

  2. Learn about the sex your dating, i.e. before you date a girl it would be cool to take out some time and read about girls, and things that happen to them that you could never experience as a guy.

  3. Date someone you would love to marry, if you wouldn’t then please tell them before you start.

  4. Dating is gonna cost you, so be ready to make sacrifices.

  5. Your gonna fight, but the fact you disagree just proves the point that your different .

  6. Love alone won’t keep the two of you together, to your love add knowledge, understanding, patience, and gentleness.

Thank you.


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