“The strength of the lion is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the lion”

Progressive success in life has been attributed to be a function of accountability, sitting down periodically to evaluate our lives by asking questions. Among which are

  • where we were before
  • where we are now
  • where we want to be

A wise man once said “pay attention to your results, they do not lie”. it has become invariable relevant that whatever ship we are in, be it friendship, relationship or business partnership, it is important to make sure those in our ship are rowing with us and not digging a hole in the ship.

i was in the most private place in the house, where we go do our very personal private business(i know you know where…laffs) reading a book on Jack Welch, who has been hailed as the greatest business leader of the 20th century era when this idea lighted on me. Realizing life in itself is business, i adopted and adapted from Jack Welch a system which was able to take General Electric from annual sales of 25 billion dollars in 1981 to 129.9 billion dollars revenues in the year 2000.


  1. is committed to you  and shares your values……….keep such
  2. very committed but does not share your values.….you will be disappointed in the end because what really matters to you would not really matter to them and can two work together except they agree? absolutely not.
  3. misses commitment but shares values…give such people another chance but with lighter expectations
  4. is not committed and also does not share value….please kick them out.

commitment is no longer enough. commitment, values and shared visions are the new cool in town and it means “i am serious”. life battles allow no form, i mean i have to know you are with me body, soul and spirit. right? Relationships should be about substance, not form. Form simply means that somebody is not intensely interested.

You are as good as the people you roll with. always roll with the best, if you don’t, you are short-changing yourself.

muchas gracias


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