wirelessLANRecently i had to do an assignment at work, it needed me to do some research and a lots of reading, i didn’t enjoy it at first but when i finished, i got thinking of the gap and leap from wired to wireless, (i think there is really nothing like wireless, it’s still wired).Well today everything is wireless, from our PC’s to phones down to even computer accessories; mouse, headsets etc. So wireless seems to be the in thing, but after my study i realized that the wireless is just a small addition to the wired technology, now the wireless has improved over the years and now seems like something far and different from the wired but in reality, the wireless is a wired network with an APN and some other stuffs.

OK so why am i saying all this? sometimes we think the spectacular we are looking for is far from the normal we know and it might be just a little improvement on the normal or a different look at what we consider normal, one could even say, through the right sight nothing is normal, absolutely nothing is normal.

So what the dutchman is saying today is focus, give your best to the normal, it would be spectacular soon. Enjoy your week.

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