Mama’s love Vs Bae’s love …

Mama-Love-KissesLate last night i realized I wasn’t feeling so well, i tried to shake it off but it worsened, I couldn’t sleep, walk, eat or do any of my favorite things (including watching movies) and i didn’t get better. Anyway am becoming a grown man now, so I prayed felt a little better and headed for work. This is not my first time of feeling sick or getting sick, if you have lived as long as I have your would realize that feeling sick just reminds you that your human. I realized a long time ago that illness is more of a battle of the mind than the body (now this doesn’t mean i don’t think drugs, it means i fight the battle in my mind first). As Mama’s baby, once i get sick, i go to mama, and mama just does the mama thing, and sometimes all she does is give me some attention and understand me and then tell me what to do, and help me do it, and maybe let me chill in her room, gist with me, make me a special, well i have a great mama after all, but i got better, now am a young man, have crush, love, and ladies in my life, and I got sick, and tried to tell her, but she wasn’t understanding me, cause she wasn’t helping (i know someone somewhere i saying i would have problems in marriage cause am stuck to mama, well that’s your thought). However today i realized how difficult it is for someone to set there life aside to nurse you, that takes great love, now am not saying that she doesn’t love me, am saying is not great. This has helped me appreciate mama better, in fact am calling her once am done with this.

Here’s the lesson sometimes what he needs from you is to understand him and give him what he wants, attention and love and all and he might just not fall critically ill, just thought of it, never been admitted when am around mama. And to all the mama’s children out there, i know it’s not mother’s day but take a moment to appreciate MAMA’s LOVE, cause even though bae would end up becoming the love of my life, she’s gonna need Mama’s help and mama kept me alive this long to meet her.



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