Pastor, Questions…

Hey-pastor-i-got-a-question-audio-seriesNigeria is a very spiritual country, i think one of the most spiritual in the world and home to some of the greatest pastors of this time, so its like a norm in Nigeria to have someone you call a father (pastor), and when i became of age it felt right trying to get one of those names as a pastor.

I did and kept changing till i got where i am today,now for me personally, i love to ask questions it’s the way i understand things, and i grew up in a family(church) that allowed me ask questions, no matter how silly, as long as i was sincere (Chapel of Mercy). At every defining point of my life, i had questions, not all questions can be answered but it helped to be able to ask them, and always having counsel.

As i grew older i felt i would have lesser questions and complications, but that didn’t happen, infact i have questions more now, i think the have even gotten more embarrassing, i thought i had good understanding, but recently, i haven’t been able to understand myself (hey am not worried, people don’t get me to), it gives me so much pleasure, satisfaction, understanding and honor to sit and talk with my Pastor, something i don’t do more of anymore (sad face).

So please as much as you would like the big names for pastors, get someone who calls you son, and has time for you, and please ask you questions, say what ever is on your mind, if your lucky, you might get a Pastor like mine who won’t get tired of you (i didn’t give his name so you all won;’t over trouble him, but i gave the name of our church so feel free to come over).


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