Crushing Smile.

Well already said there was this girl i have a crush on sometime ago, that’s one of the reasons i started the crush page, but the thing about having a crush is since she’s not your girl, she is free to hang out with other guys, and this my bro could hurt real good.

I was at the photocopying machine and this guy walks up to me and asks if i could help take a picture of her with him, i agreed, he goes then gets her and the picture session starts and its like his hands are all over her, going places and doing things i can only imagine doing (you know when you crushing on someone the normal things seem crazy, so everything seemed crazy to me), and it kills me that she is smiling and happy, and am taking shots and smiling, am like weeping on the inside.

And now am thinking about it, and am like man lay off a little, she’s not your girl, and even if she was she’s still free to take pictures, but then thinking about it, i would however like to appreciate every girl who tried to understand with their boo and stuck to what they would like, but guys i think we should learn to control our emotions and realize that sometimes she’s just being nice (that however could be bad and misinterpreted.

so smile, even when it hurts, then when both of you are alone, you could tell her how you feel.


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