“To get what anything promises, you need to change your perception about that thing”

Perception is a powerful thing. It is a way of conceiving something and becoming aware of a thing via the senses.

Perception becomes important as it affects how we see a thing which turns around to affect our attitude to that thing. This often leads to the kind of result we are most likely to draw out of those things into our lives.

“We give others the permission to treat us the way we are treated”

How we consciously allow ourselves to be perceived by people go a long way to determine how this other people treat us. As long as you see yourself as grasshopper, your enemies will see you as an easy picking and you will be defeated not because your enemy is strong but because of how you see yourself. You can be in an abusive friendship or a corporate relationship; so long as you remain wimpy, you would be treated as such. You may change your cloths and it wouldn’t matter. You may grow taller and it will not mean jack to anyone. You may even get a pay raise, a new office and be treated the very same way. But if you make up your mind about yourself positively and begin to perceive yourself in this light, one thing is certain; they’ll roar, they’ll bark, they’ll hit and scatter stuff around but if you stand your ground firm as a rock, not a finger will ever again be raised in your direction. Why? Because an empowered person is hard to whip. It is all a matter of how you perceive yourself. We perceive wrong when we belittle ourselves and nine outer ten, we are judging by our past. It is terrible to see the way to the horizons but then look back and define yourself by your past. Until you can focus on what is before you and forget what is behind you, you will not be able to apphrend the good meant for you.

“Sometimes people think they know you. They know a few facts about you and they piece you together in a way that makes sense to them. And if you don’t know yourself very well, you might even believe that they are right. But the truth is, that isn’t you. That isn’t you at all” Leila Sales

You need to address people who delight in bringing up your past. I mean we all haven’t been smart all our lives. We made stupid decisions and did stuffs we regret, so don’t roll up on me like you spotless and all. Am not excusing myself because I did crawl to God but am not going to crawl for you. I did what you said I did but am not who you say I am.

You know I try to read as much as I can and I read in an old book (the Bible)that a God who made the heaven and the earth fell hopelessly in love with me and made me who I am with this future so bright I need shades….smooth…lols.  This fact becomes truth for all who choose to believe. I therefore think it is an insult to this God to see myself small and wimpy not just before men but also before life challenges. He would not give you that job if you couldn’t handle it. He would not give you the opportunity of an education if you couldn’t excel at it. You wouldn’t get married if He didn’t trust you to manage a family and a home. He would not give you that business if you were incapable of growing it. How dare you look at yourself and become wimpy in the face of challenges. It is an insult to your Maker to suggest that He has no idea about his Product. If He brought you to it, it is simply because He knows you can go through it. If you couldn’t handle it, He would not have let you have…He is no fool. How can we then have His blessing and struggle with handling it? Believe in yourself; change your perception of yourself and things. Go out, handle it and take charge. Remember:

“An empowered person is hard to whip”

Muchas Gracias

Influences: God, T.D Jakes, Poju Oyemade, friends and family.



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