investigate before you invest . . .

blue dressSo yesterday i was in the bus on my way back from work after a stressful day. I was looking out through the window then i saw this dress on a mannequin it twas just d perfect dress at that moment i just knew i had to have that dress i could literally see myself wearing the sky blue denim dress with a red sneakers heel, a red bola hat, a red chain bag and a huge smile on my face and making this new guy in my life speechless. In my head it made a perfect picture but there was a really big problem; i didn’t have the money to buy the dress and i couldn’t wait, i just had to have it that moment, am a sucker for fashion and cloths. I rushed home, and begged everyone for the money, i came up with something but not enough to get me that dress, but i went to d shop anyway, how i was going to get d money to complete it i didn’t know and I didn’t care, i just had to get that dress. I didn’t know i was in for a very rude disappointment i got to the shop i saw d dress up close and it wasn’t as good as it looked through the window, the material wasn’t even denim and the dress looked really used, like really old and worn. Though i was disappointed i still went home with a smile on my face i didn’t have to spend money i didn’t have.

Sometimes what you want so badly is not what you think it is, so before you put in all the effort make sure it’s what you want.

Miss Goody


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