See beneath your beautiful . . . a dating concept.

beneath your beautifulSee beneath your beautiful, a dating concept that I have recently been thinking about, and recently I have been really sacred cause I don’t like the me I wake up to see every morning,  I know your saying change yourself, but I wanna be me, not the me you want me not be (I don’t want to be a boot licker), well am still battling with this so lets see how I turn out.

Now am not scared of turning out bad as much as am scared of being alone when I flip, now am not scared of what people are thinking but I really don’t wanna be alone, like I don’t want that person I like to look at e one day and hate me, like look at me with this disgust and hate my flaws. So my solution is once I love, I also try to make you see the other side of the coin and make your choice, and choose to love my flaws, i was scared at first, that I won’t get anyone who likes me monster side (#OfmonstersAndOfMen), but if your try this sincerely, you will find someone who understands your flaws. Even though you should try to change your flaws, but get someone who likes them.

someone who knows you like to cook and enjoys cooking for you . . .

someone who knows you’re Douche, and turns the word into a term of endearment for just you

someone who knows you love to objectify women, she hates it, but does it with you once in a while . . . find someone who would love what’s beneath your beautiful, it’s not going to be easy, but its amazing folks, it’s amazing, stop always trying to fix yourself for everyone and anyone you come across, you weren’t made broken.

People tend to work on their strengths and show it a lot in a relationship, and while that is a sweet idea, it’s always cooler to be with someone who likes your flaws.

Love my perfect imperfections …


4 thoughts on “See beneath your beautiful . . . a dating concept.

  1. correct my brother.,,,see they show their best colour 1st n just when you are so in they bring their ugly 1,,,,so I say why not show me the ugly 1st see if I can deal with ur baggage then, u can bring the good,,,,thanks for this jawe

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