Oh No, it’s Monday again!

Oh No, it’s Monday again!
Now am not one of those who herald that line, although I do have a remix version of it. But we know Monday is just a name. A name just like Friday, Saturday, Sunday etc. The beef is not exactly with the name Monday but rather it is the happenings, the events that flood our lives on Monday. Since we agree that in the presence of two (2) witnesses a case is established about a matter and there is a whole lot of folks beefing Monday, the day has found its way to the hall of fame for “why always me?”
Funny but I wake up late on Mondays and it is not entirely my fault. How can it rain all through Sunday night? Eh? How can PHCN still decide to leave Power not minding the rain. Light plus Rain feels a lot like Messi and Iniesta combo. It makes me feel like am in alignment with the rest of the world, you know cool wind, cool music, cool chat. Everything just becomes cool, except for food.
But Monday am in the shower thinking of what to wear. Am baffing (getting ready) up and think of what should go in the bag. You’d think I slept all weekend and didn’t prepare. I successful hustle for cab and somehow somehow am in class. Am early, the lecturer is late. When am late, the lecturer is early. Can’t we just agree to meet in front of school and then we walk to class? Where is the spirit of unity, of bond between student and lecturer? grins She’s the free gift of God to ease my Monday morning. Remove her and you also remove me from 8am lecture.
But there kicks of Monday all the way to 4:30pm. Am exhausted and famished. And It dawns on me, if am not careful to be purposeful in my pursuit, I could wake up every Monday morning to the timetable of another man. It could even spill to life after school, where your boss becomes your new lecturer…8-4. Only you are compensated just enough to make you grumble out of bed. But why not just make it an honor to get up on Mondays? Why not I give my boss the rare privilege of having me on Mondays? Why not join the exclusive 5am club for high achievers before 5years from now, am screaming “Oh No, it’s Monday again”


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