Sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down . . .

Several years ago, my bro came home from school and wouldn’t stop singing this song, so it stuck with me, i didn’t know all of the song, and it would take a long time before love would come around for me, but he sang the song so well, and long that it stuck in my mind.

The song writer was so right, sometimes love does come around, comes with joy, fun, happiness, excitement, yes love come around with beauty. Love is an explainable thing, i know for a while now, love has been what got me out of bed, here’s the thing about love, sometimes it sneaks up on you, you don’t see it coming, so today we tell the story of how love came around for a certain young lad.

It was a Monday morning, in early July, in the year, emmmm, I can’t remember, but that day, he got out of bed, and went to work, even though everyone told him it was a special day, he didn’t feel anything special. At the end of the day”s job, he headed for his bus stop, the young man, to shy to have a social life, wasn’t looking forward to anything spectacular, then he looked up, and there she was, love, she had skin the colour of chocolate, yet it was charming and irresistible, when she smiled, it was like the warmth of a summer day, and inviting, then she spoke, it was comfy like mama singing a lullaby, yet embracing and compelling like Beyonce singing halo to an acoustic guitar, this pulled him out of his shell and to her, she was love, and this began his tale of love, or hurt. I would stop here now, tell you some more tomorrow. Remember

Sometimes Love comes around, and it knocks you down, just get back up  . . .


5 thoughts on “Sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down . . .

  1. I like how you said ‘and this began his tale of love or hurt’ either ways, I have come to realize we love who we love even if its a tale of love or hurt, and it SUCKS!

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