Sometimes Love Comes Around, AND IT KNOCKS YOU DOWN . . .She’s another man’s Girl . . .

Sometimes Love Comes Around, AND IT KNOCKS YOU DOWN . . .

Yesterday I started the love come around series, and this is just a continuation of it, yesterday I took out time to explain how her outward appearance was stunning and pulled me to her, especially when she spoke, a shy dude had no choice but to get to meet her. The next morning I was in a hurry to get to work, cause i really wanted to see her, didn’t know why, or what i was going to tell her, but i know every fiber of my being was longing for her (however i thought this was gonna be short-lived), i felt as usually when i come around again she was gonna treat me like trash or not important. However I had to try couldn’t live in the world of assumptions anymore.

Every time she spoke, she tried to add a smile to it, never complained of my pestering, she had character, character my brother is a sucker for character, it’s like his calming word, she is the true definition of character, always gentle, happy, filled with joy and fun, did i say she is lovely and knows how to give attention, she didn’t pretend and never judged me for being crazy, she found my weird cool. She could sit down and listen to me all day, and wouldn’t complain, bottom line, i never knew i could still find someone who understands me, thought i had exhausted my quota. I hope you have fallen in love with her already cause i did, i love her, let me take a moment to say it’s beyond lust, am not saying i don’t lust after her, am saying beyond that i loved her, not just because i want her even when she is hurting me or not doing stuffs i want but even when i tried not to love her, i couldn’t make that choice.

Now I told her, but there was just one problem, She’s another man’s girl? What do you do when the one you are crazy about is another man’s girl? cause all i seem to want is her, but she’s another man’s girl. Hope now she reads this and knows it’s for real …


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