Now that you are saved . . .

I enjoy doing quite a number of things, when i have the privilege, i love to preach, teach or talk about God, with the aim to draw people to God through his son Jesus.  Now when am not doing that, I love to listen to great teachings and great teachers. If you have been in the christian faith long enough or hung around some christian folks you might have come across the phrase “Now that you are saved”.

Now that you are saved is a concept that is thought to the new convert so that he knows how to keep and grow in his faith, it’s is very important for the new convert to understand this concept if he is going to stay in the faith for a while, this concept seeks to teach you how to grow and get mature in the faith.

So today I would like to share a couple of my now that your saved thoughts, I haven’t been a christian for donkey years, but i have been around long enough to share some thoughts

Now that your saved, you have enlisted in to the army of the Lord and been sent to the battle front, so attacks are normal . . .

Now that you are saved, you are going to start living life on a standard that you weren’t use to, be more caring, loving, and patient .

Now that you are saved, you’re gonna have less friends cause it gets lonely as you get to the top and begin to change.

Now that you are saved, you would discover it’s more difficult to live fighting sin and dealing with bad habits than living with them.

Now that you are saved, you have to keep your word, which comes at a cost we are not always willing to pay.

and even though all this seems discouraging to get saved, i would like you to remember that you are SAVED and that means, you  win in the end.


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