Thula Mama

Mums and Babies

so i have really been missing my mama, yes am a mama’s boy, and a being to deal with stuffs in my life and just wish mama would come fix it and i just miss my mama, so i decided to write a poem, at this point i don’t know what the first line will be, but am gonna write from my heart, not to honor just my own mama, but every mother out there, and everyone who has been a mother to me.

She knew me, even before I knew her, she’s one the reason I believe God can be almighty, cause she could solve all my needs.

She’s more beautiful than the sunset across the clear skies or the full moon on a clear night, yet she thinks am awesome and unbelievable.

She never forgets to correct and spank me, yet believes i can do no wrong.

She made me believe God could forgive all my sins cause she always forgave me when I hurt her (which happened a lot )

I grew older, started falling for younger girls, yet she still loved me faithfully and foot all my bills.

Didn’t want me away from her yet happily sent me to the school of my choice.

Mama, she’s the perfect cook and can make a mouth watery dish from nothing.

Mama, she showed me it’s not about how much you have but how much you’re willing to give.

Mama always put me first, I don’t think i ever came first in class.

Mama understood that even though am a king, am still a kid.

Mama, I would probably be stupid and spend my first millions on another lady, but am the reason she didn’t make hers early.

I was selfish, she was selfless, I always talked about my issues, never had her complains.

I love mama, because mama has loved me time and time again no matter what.

Now looking back, pretty sure mama wanted me to sit around more, but i went out, messed up my clothes and she cleaned them with joy.

Please help me share this, and possibly tag a mother to it, i know it’s not mother’s day, but we are alive everyday largely cause of mama.


4 thoughts on “Thula Mama

  1. Wowww…naw dis got me. At a Tyme wen hav bin tinking of mama a lot nd wondering aw much…just aw much…just aw much mama has so shown love tym nd tym again. She don’t even hav to understand, provided it ain’t harmful, mama jus gav her free hand. My memorable moment was in ss2 nd I wanted to buy my 1st iPod. Wix was a lil expensive dan mp3 nd even doh mama Neva understood wat ’twas bout. Neva understood why I didn’t want am mp3 or mp4 as was d trend. She gave me d money for d iPod. And I didn’t even come 1st in class, I didn’t place 1 to 9…doesn’t mean I even came in 10th position. Lols. I didn’t clean d house more or anytin. Wateva I did, I dunno….but I know ’twas a gr8 sacrifice for her at dat point in our lives. Looking bak now….tis a moment dat breaks me.

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  2. Mother’s Luv can’t ever be compared to any other Luv on earth,,,, I know for a fact that God made it so,just so we can understand how great His Luv is,,,,,
    nyc poem Ehd
    My mum is the best sha!

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