Finally Beards

Yes today am gonna talk about my beards, by the way this is not my first strand of beards, have had beards for like years now (or so I think and like to tell myself) but I always wanted that feeling of shaving my beard and having it come back like in area days time, wow! Cool hello ladies!!! Well people it happened last week, went to the barbers shop, then couple of days later I feel a itch on my chin and reach to scratch it and wow beards’ beards I can scratch and people could see, was like a dream come through, was feeling myself and wanted to tell anyone that will listen .

Hope you enjoyed my beard story, but here are a couple of lessons I would like you to take him from it ;
– Celebrate the little things, some times the beauty of life is when you chill and enjoy the little steps and achievements even if its something that would come naturally.
– Sometimes people would not notice your baby steps, even if u have waited for it for ten years, be your own cheer team.
– Sometimes the things we desire don’t bring with it the packages we want or make our lives any different.
– If something comes with so much excitement and joy, it will come with a fair share of responsibilities also.
– Finally, beards don’t get you the girl, or at least in my case she didn’t even notice.

I hope you had fun reading, please like and share.



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