Watch it when you become big cause giants do fall . . .

This is gonna be really difficult for me cause I really like the person I am about to talk about, but couldn’t find someone better to use. Let me just put not out there, giants are real, I haven’t met any, but the are real. So here is my back drop story, Legend has it that the second king of Israel, David the giant slayer killed a giant before becoming king. This is how it happened, some guys had beef with the Israelites and felt OK let’s go get them and they came with a giant, so big that the reigning king (who was also of great height ) was also scared, but David came along and killed the giant.
Let me make this statement, the moment you kill a giant you become one (figuratively). We live in a world where one of the trending messages is that giants do fall, so everyone seems to have taken up swords and started killing giants, now this is cool but I would just love to draw a couple of lessons from our first known giant slayer, and I would like us to have them in mind the next time a giant falls.

  • Being a giant is not evil, using your strength for evil, that’s what is bad.
  • Already said this earlier, when u kill a giant u become one, cause you become big and also become a target. 
  • One lesson I would like us to learn from David is that he became a giant so fast and even fell faster, its easier to fall when you that big.

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Christianity is one better telling another where it got bread, humanity is one fellow tell another where something good is.



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