Another man’s girl . . . When love comes around.

Okay, for those who would be reading this for the first time, let me back track a little, I’ve been telling the story of a young man who fell madly, I repeat, madly and uncontrollably with this girl that doesn’t even fit his list, yeah that list of how the girl he wants should look, she was so amazing she redefined his list, how do I explain this now, she is no Kim k, Nicki, or Amber, but if one could imagine a hybrid of these three figures then multiply it by 10, that’s how hot and irresistible he finds her, even on her sad, depressed day. Now I also said, this lad told the girl about how he feels, but she seems to be madly in love with another guy but he wouldn’t give up (it really kills loving someone who doesn’t love you back), but I guess the test of love is holding on even when your been pushed out repeatedly.

It’s easier to love another man’s girl when the relationship is in crisis, but what do you do when their relationship is a love (romantic movie) made in Paris, and the guy seems like the most gentle man alive, he is everything u are and far more, like a 5.0 version of you. Recently someone told me, there are no single girls, there are just ladies in places they don’t wanna be. What happens when the girl you want is in the best position. I have tried to become better and beat the standards, but like my bro will say, they are in a class of their own, a class all by themselves.

So today instead of thoughts, i have questions;

When do you stop? What do you do if you can’t seem to stop loving another man’s girl?

How do you cope with having sexually feeling for someone who won’t even hug you?

folks hit the comment section and start dropping your thoughts. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Another man’s girl . . . When love comes around.

  1. Wow! Dats one piece, its crazy 2 love som1 dat loves another……I feel u need 2 face d fact dat u can’t get dat girl and move 2 another, cos der is always d almost perfect person 4 evry1, and pple shud always remember dat u can’t force love…….

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