Peace with Self!

I’ve been away from blogging or should I say writing generally for a month and half.  In that period I’ve had the “pleasure” of going through diverse storms and seeming temptations. Hey!, I’m not gonna sit here and say I came out a victor but I can obviously say I came out… and I learnt a few lessons.  I don’t know the most important lesson, I mean, none of those lessons has made me a billion yet, but one that has stuck to my mind is; Inner Peace.

Alright, chill, if you’ve watched Kung Fu Panda, your mind has probably summarized all I’m going to say into the two-hour animated comedy that is Kung Fu Panda. Actually, the truth and importance of “inner peace” is more severe than portrayed in the 3D Movie. You know, sometimes the deepest of truths can be found in the most humorous comments, but that does not diminish the importance of the truth conveyed nor it’s effect when it is applied in the real world.

Deliberately avoiding to define the term “inner peace”, I simply dare to say that if you are not at peace with yourself, you are of little use to the world.  You see, many times I’ve observed many a people make plans and proclaim great declarations of how they are going to change the world and impact their generation but none of them have gone far… so far. Truth is, if you’ve not accepted yourself for who are, dealt with issues, I mean internal issues, that you need to do deal with and completely, I say again, COMPLETELY love yourself, there really isn’t much you’re gonna be able to do for the world because while you’re trying the point the world to a certain path, your own personal issues are going to be pulling you back making your efforts quite “impact-less”.

Now, am I saying you should wait till you’re perfect before trying to make a change in the world, or making an impact in your generation?


Am I saying that there aren’t people who have made it while having personal weaknesses and deficiencies?


What then is the core of my message?

Love Yourself.

I know there people who might read the two words above and say to themselves, “that’s selfish”.

Actually it’s not, not loving yourself is what is selfish because if YOU don’t deserve your own love, who else would?  Hope you see my point.  Loving yourself is the key to loving others more and “the world” at large.  Even Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you LOVE YOURSELF”.

Although the above mentioned effect of loving yourself is not my point of emphasis, a more serious thing to note is that loving yourself is the source of inner peace, I mean, peace with yourself, it is this peace that gives you the strength to challenge the world towards a higher ideal, to have dreams of a better tomorrow.  It is the absence of this peace that stopped my writing, and it is its return that made me write this.


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