Lets turn the tables . . .

Good afternoon, hope your having a great day, and everything is going well, if it’s not, its okay, keep trying, don’t give up or give in.  Having said that, here’s the next one, i have always thought that in life, trials come in seasons and after a while we have a season of rest, now I might be wrong, am quite young, but i think life is a series of trials, and we like are always going through one trial or the other.

So that paragraph was just a bonus, really love you all, now to my thought for today, it says, “let’s turn the tables”. For the last month i have been trying to get people to do what i wanted, for example, trying to get my team to work a little more, but the stuffs i really want to get done, or what to have or experience, doesn’t work out. Recently took this huge leap, took this risk and it still didn’t work out the way i wanted (yeah it’s depressing), but today, i was trying again to get what i want, negotiating, and all and i failed again (yeah, really getting acquainted to failing), i stopped and asked myself, dude turn the table, look at it from the other person’s point of view, look at their point and reasons, and see with their eyes, now this is not easy, but it would help us live life better and understand and value each other more.

Sometimes, letting someone have what they want, might not be good for you, but that might be what would make their day, or change their life, or make them still hang on. Thank you very much.

Please drop your comments and suggestions and we would be starting a special in some-days time and it’s something you’d wanna see.


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