So thats how Thomas did it.

thomasGrowing up, I heard the Thomas story, but couldn’t understand it, legend had it that he tried to do it one thousand times and am like, really! don’t remember trying to solve a problem for 100 times or something. Part of me always thought that story wasn’t true, like who was counting and stuffs, but told am gonna tell you how he did it, and couple of other stories and leave you to draw your thoughts.

Thomas scared of the dark, so every day he tries to make the light bulb but fails, he gets home and it gets dark and he gets scared, maybe doesn’t even get enough sleep, wakes up the nest day, and tries again. That’s how he did it, he didn’t let he’s fear win the war, nor matter how many battles he lost.

Recently I met a young man, who is really scared of being alone, thinks he can’t be understood, thinks he is too bad to ever get a good girl, has had a messed up relationship cycle (not just dating ). But everyday, he goes to work, tries to get someone to spend the rest of he’s life with (tired of being alone) and every day he doesn’t get what he wants, so he goes back to bed alone and wakes up again and tries because he is scared of that moment when he goes to bed alone and feels like, it’s gonna be like this forever.

The key to winning even when you keep losing the battles is the effect of losing the war.


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