Another man’s girl . . .

another man's girlI heard about her from a friend, kept hearing about her, but didn’t get a chance to meet her. This friend of mine talked so much about her I got interested, I built an image of her in my mind, don’t worry i didn’t make her a H. Berry but I built a decent image. Well i really wanted to see her, but it took some time, anyway we eventually met and she was beautiful beyond my imagination.

Well we worked together, and I didn’t really get to meet her socially, after a while, we stopped working together, went our separate ways. Well you know life has a way of going around and coming around. Well, we rekindled our relationship again, this time on a social and emotional level, and discovered her on a whole knew level;

She listened, she always paid attention no matter what.

She never let her anger last too long.

She is really funny, and fun.

Her voice was a sweet lullaby, that sent me to sleep without night mares.

She was caring and knew how to keep me calm.

And her photos are ever interesting nor matter how old the pictures are.

Well there was a problem, finally the young man decide to ask her out, but she was taken. Here’s my question today, are there still good single girls, or do we just wait for other people to mess up their relationships?

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