Nkem, it’s a noun, an Igbo noun, which means “my own”, my personal own, to use as I want and like, for me. Every body needs an Nkem, someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone to lay down with on a cold day. Someone who knows your deepest fear and inadequacies and yet can’t see anything wrong with you.
I know a fellow who recently sort out to find his own, his Nkem, and he did, found a lady, there was something about her, something he couldn’t explain. So he made her his own, went the extra mile for her (don’t mind him, he wasn’t all good, he to had his wahala (issues)), but the point is he made her his own. How do I explain it, another thirty minutes doesn’t go by without him thinking of her, or how to make his life better for her, or how to make her life better for the world. She liked it, she enjoyed it, who wouldn’t, this fellow thought he had found purpose in caring for her.
Here’s the problem when that noun (Nkem) is used on humans, if I say a car is my own, it simply means it’s my own, but when in life, love and dating, one finds Nkem, and says this is Nkem, even though it means MY OWN, what he is looking for is not just one who is his own, but one who would not only call him Nkem, but to whom he also will be an Nkem. Her own.
It’s beautiful to find someone with whom you can experience the NKEM idea, however if you don’t, find someone you can be an all to, you might just change them in the end. You have you sow to reap, and one might have to sow himself for long time to another, to be able to reap her.
Thank you.
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