Letting Go of People (fire them).

I stay in Nigeria west Africa, a country rich in culture and family values, a country that has so much family values that people who are from your state are considered family, that’s my country, Nigeria, filled with warm and helpful people (OK yes its also home to Boko Haram, not for long anyway). In my country, the bond of family is sacred, I mean so sacred that if you’re very wealthy and one of your sibling isn’t you will be considered evil, so i grew up knowing, I should always keep people close.

In the journey of life we end up traveling with people, we get acquainted to them and after a while we can’t let go of them, but after a while for certain reasons we can’t continue anymore, either because they are slowing us down, or we are going different ways, or it’s going to make them better. Sometimes we find it difficult firing people cause we think they won’t survive. Am gonna give a couple of reasons why its okay to let go (fire people). These are lessons I learnt from Mr. Abraham and Prophet Jonah

  1. You are not responsible for people’s destiny, that’s between them and their God.
  2. If you go with people, all of you create one path, if you split, you create numerous paths and enrich your world.
  3. There is enough field for all of you to graze and make profit.
  4. Traveling with someone you are not suppose to can be catastrophic.
  5. If my letting you go, makes you think I hate you, rather than giving you an opportunity to grow beyond my shadows, then maybe you should change your mindset.
  6. Dropping people off your ship won’t kill them, God has a plan for them already, possibly a whale to take them where they are going. Throwing them over saves you, and your ship. They could sink your ship, and still be saved by the whale while you drown.

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