Ask her out . . .


No am not telling you to ask her out, am gonna try to explain how, so here is my back drop story for today, my bro recently was telling me he was going to ask his girlfriend out and I was like, why you people are dating already, and he said yeah but he wanted to give her a spectacular experience, something she would love and would give her confidence. He asked her out and it was cool and all that.

Here are some tips before you ask the next girl out.


In 2011 my brother said “would you like to marry her”, before you ask her out, you have to answer if you would like to marry her. Now am not saying when you ask her out, tell her I want to marry you, cause the idea of dating is getting to know her more, but if you also wanna marry her, oh you can say that.

Before you ask her out, you should have at least known her for a while. Unless you are just trying out your pick up lines on random strangers.

Before you ask her out, you have to sit down, and accept that relationship is gonna cost you time, money, emotion and more.

Acting Her Out.

Now when you ask her out, please remember it’s her choice. Don’t make her feel loosing you is the worse mistake of her life, don’t keep it long unless she’s enjoying it. Now she can say no and all that, she doesn’t have to say yes then.

You should have a friendship before a relationship, that way a response would be easy to get, and sometimes people need time to think about this.

Tips For when She Turns You Down.

First, it’s her choice, and how you take a no could prove to her you’re a better man.

A “no” doesn’t mean you can’t try again.

Their is not just one lady for you, you can find another one.

keep your friendship, it is the key to getting another shot.

. . . and if she says no, remember to still be cool friend and try again.

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