Ask Her Out (2) How.

How are you doing today? (you can answer that at the comment session), yesterday we talked about asking her out, what u should do before,during and after. So today am just gonna add some points about asking her out, the act.

  • Ask for her time and attention, in a nice manner, there is really no perfect time, but you can make perfect use of the time you have.

  • Try and get her comfortable, you to should. Ask how her day is going, however don’t beat around the bush to much.

  • Ask her out, say something original, something you feel. You don’t have to call her an angel is all she is, is a good companion.

  • Tell her why you need her, and why you think you both will make a good team (i.e. Tell her why she needs you) don’t be to proud.

  • Let me quote someone special to me here “it’s a mutual decision” make her see reasons, she might not feel something then, but then love grows (ladies, give him a chance).

  • Let her have sometime to express her self if she desires.

Remember you should know this person well before this, so you can restructure this to suit her personality. Sometimes you have to be serious so she knows your not kidding, am naturally an easy person, so I really have to put in effort to convince people when am serious.
Oh yeah, feel free to pray about it, God won’t be surprised or disgusted, infact he might just inspire with the winning line, yes he has lines.
Thank you very much, please remember to drop a comment if you have a thought, like if you think it’s cool, and share if you love me. I love you to.


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