Am not just the prisoner, am the warden.


A prisoner is someone who is held in a place, that he can’t leave without permission or help. A prisoner is simply not free. A warden is the person in charge of the prison-house, if he decides to let go of the prisoner then he is free.

In life, the person who bares the most responsibility for our lives is us, however most of us are imprisoned by not just our thoughts but actions(cause sometimes we think the thoughts but won’t act). We don’t let ourselves fly, we think we should be what we are given or what others let us be.

A lot of things are called and known as the black mentality, one of such mentalities is that of slavery, now that era is over (slave era), slavery is now a serious crime but a lot of us still walk around with that mentality, expecting someone to always tell us the next step, we always want to run with the crowd of our community and peers, wanna suffer together and all that. Now all this is a function of our thoughts, sometimes we think we are good, but not too good, in fact i have heard people blame everyone about themselves but them(i use to do this).

Here are some truths, a couple of hundred of years ago the Greeks came up with a concept and called it LOGOS – a thought, an idea, this however is the child of our mind, and it’s what rules the would and your life, your thoughts , your ideas. You never asked her out cause you felt you’re not good enough, a prisoner, you not close to God because you think you’re the worse person alive, you wanna kill yourself slowly (alcohol and drugs) cause you think you can’t be better, it’s all your thought, and you know, that you’re the one keeping you there, I’ve got news for you today, no one is coming to take you out of those thoughts, and your you own warden. Set yourself free, however remember freedom has responsibility. thank you.


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