Sow some kindness in advance.


A couple of weeks ago, at work, my boss needed some papers authorized by another department. When i got to where the papers where gonna be authorized the man had a complain, that we missed out a small detail and we had to do it all over again and all that, now this was a very time sensitive document, and we needed to be down with it before the close of business that day. As i turned around and was about to walk to, the fellow called me back and said, well let me sign it for you, i know that fellow, he always get me stuffs when he travels, and he signed it for me.

Sow some random act of kindness, cause sometimes it other people’s act of kind that pulls us through, like when you have a flat, needed a pen, a ride home or some money. This morning i would just like to encourage you to be more kind, it might just come back to you. Thanks for reading, please don’t forget to like and share.


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