Fresh Ground.


Sometimes in life what we need is not a fresh start, It’s fresh ideas for our path.

Sometimes in life when we feel we have come to the end, what we need is a place to rest,

A place to ask questions,

A place to meet with people, not just saints, but sinners who sin less,

A place that is not just a church, or a community, but a church community that are changing and growing together.

We get to points in life where what we need is not just the wisdom of the old minds, but also the questions of the young ones.

Sometimes what you need, are fresh grounds.

Grounds where you won’t just be judged, but loved.

A ground were your difference is expected, loved and appreciated.

A ground were your questions are thought about.

A ground were scares are talked about and wounds are treated.

A ground were everyone is young and welcomed.

A ground for those who have questions that have defiled answers .

For those of us who are young, tired, round pegs in square holes, who think we can’t find mentors, who can’t find our kind, who have been called misfits, weird, tried to do the church thing but got tired, for those of us who are sure we are bound to change the world, yet struggle to change our dresses and dp’s, and for those of you who are not like me, please join Pastor Bolaji O. @ Chapel of Mercy Dadin Kowa, Jos, Plateau State every Saturday, @ 5pm for a Fresh Ground experience. Or Interact with us online at Fresh Ground FB Page . Thank You.


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