Messed up, but still smiling.


Today I’ve gone off my calendar, i had on my calendar a poem, started writing it, i guess half way through, i lost inspiration, kept trying to get back into it, it was just not coming through, so i paused it, did another piece, and now am here doing this piece. How did i come up with this one? since it wasn’t on my calendar, I told someone I lacked inspiration (let me mention, someone very special) and she said, “think of my messed up life and your messed up life and you will come up with a piece on how you could have a messed up life and still smile” , hence the title “messed up, but still smiling.

No am not gonna tell you about my messed up life, or hers, yours is enough, yes yours: you who loves someone who won’t love you back, you who takes care of someone who doesn’t know you exist, ooh you who hasn’t figured out what you want to do with your life, am talking of you who has it all together on the outside but boring on the inside, you who loves him with your last breath but knows he’s leaving you someday, yes yours is enough. Here’s what am going to tell you today, sometimes we look for help on the outside a lot, like me, i need inspiration, and asked my pal, who was kind enough to point me back to me, sometimes all we need is to take a look at our inside and we would find what we need for the next step, so the next time outside help doesn’t come, remember it’s in you. You were designed for it.

Am just gonna drop a couple of points, as to how we smile with messed up lives (we cry some nights)

  1. I remember I have tomorrow, things will get fixed.
  2. I remember i have family that loves me.
  3. we remember we have friends that have stuck with us through it all.
  4. We have each other.
  5. We try to work on our future, rather than focus on our past.
  6. Cry a little cause we know the world is watching, smile more, someone needs us.
  7. We have a God that never falls.

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