Christianity is Crazy, and this Christian folks might be nuts.


Let me start with, please feel free to judge the title, also try to get to the end.

So it’s just another day for me, trying to clear my head, decided to take a walk (helps when you need to hear your thoughts), then this fellow walks up to me, could tell he was one of them Christians, I try not to be rude to strangers so i listened to him, when he started talking, he told me a couple of stories, i would like to share some of them with you, and my thoughts. Please just hear me out.

So he said, God made the world in six days, didn’t really make much sense, and really just six days, and he did such an awesome job, and he didn’t have a team of Alien Engineers, felt like a folk tale, but i still let him talk, then he said God spoke everything into being, here am like really!. Well he said God is supreme so i let him (plus my knowledge of super heroes and my theory that they are real was just given a glimpse of hope), then he said the Devil and God had been at war over my life and am like, i knew it!, good versus evil, and am like wow! classic comic, best ever, cause am at the center of this one. Well he goes on and tells a lot of very imaginative stories, how about i just give you some hints,

He tells me of;

A man who walked on water,i was like maybe he just invented the prototype to the hover board.

A man who flies (ascends), i was like, i knew it! Isaac Newton was wrong, how could just one man tell us we can’t go upwards and we all believe him.

Then he tells me about a Virgin girl who got pregnant and give birth to this promise child, am like really, that’s a twist, but then no certified doctor verified a virginity and from what i know about teenagers, emmmm wellll, they say these things.

Then tells me how this virgins son dies for my sins, am like, really, the dude didn’t even know i was gonna be born, just had too much of a savior complex.

Well I eventually got bored, and walked away, but couldn’t stop thinking, and thinking, maybe they are right. Enjoy the rest of your day.

P.S. I have been a christian for years now, and folks i love it more and more with each passing day of my weird messed up, great, awesome, amazing life.


2 thoughts on “Christianity is Crazy, and this Christian folks might be nuts.

  1. ….Am loving my christian nutness….walahi…..especially the Virgin’s son that died and rose to save my soul….


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