There would always be beautiful girls.


I try to get a picture of my post from google (thank you google), sometimes it’s difficult for me to find what am looking for, other times, i have to pick out the best from all my options, but today, all the images were just amazing, couldn’t make a choice and so I just picked the first one.

There will always be beautiful girls, my mentor said this to me sometime ago, i say it to myself  daily now, every time I come across a beautiful girl, “there would always be beautiful girls”. Yes there would always be beautiful girls, so if you chase everyone one you come across, you might never stop running (or just end up like my friend the great king Solomon). There would always be beautiful girls, if you can’t resist the next one you come across, then you might be turning into a slave, there would always be beautiful girls, every beauty is unique, yet common, cause we are all uniquely beautiful, there will always be beautiful girls and they are not all for you.

This is to all does who think, she’s the most beautiful girl in your class (set) and you must have her, leave town, graduate, and you will find another that’s just as stunning, to all does who can’t focus on their partners cause of the beauty of the next fellow, take a trip to the next hotel or resort and realize that God made all women personally, and to all those who think cause they are beautiful so the world should bow to them, your just as common as the sand on the sea-shore, as the stars in the sky, common, but amazing.

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