Basmati Rice, a story of choices.


For those of you who don’t know what Basmati Rice is, here is a paragraph from wikipedia to serve as introduction.

Basmati (pronounced IPA: [baːsmət̪iː] in South Asia) is a variety of long, slender grain aromatic rice which is traditionally from India and Pakistan.[1] In 2014, India supplies 65 percent of the overseas basmati rice market, while Pakistan accounts for the rest, according to the state-run Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority.

Some time ago, i went out to have lunch with a lady, i rarely go out for lunch, but somethings happened, and here i was, in a restaurant, with her, trying to make an order, well am a regular guy, so i ask her to order, she does, and am like why don’t you order for me, can’t seem to make up my mind. She says fried rice for me, and basmati rice for him, just to let you know, she doesn’t know what basmati rice is and has never had it before, we are young so let’s try it out.

Long story short, worse rice meal ever and paid good money for it, couldn’t even eat it and i like food. Here are a couple of my thoughts from the story;

  1. Never let people make choices for you, especially if the won’t make the choice for themself.
  2. You’re going to pay for your choices, so make sure you can afford them.
  3. The effect of your choices, would be felt by you.
  4. You’re going to live with your choices.
  5. Never let a girl other for you.

thank you very much for reading this far. Please don’t forget to like and share. I love you all.


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